Fault Management

Network Fault Management helps detect, identify, avoid and solve problems that can impact network´s performance.

Keeping network connectivity and services running at optimal levels are essential tasks in network management.

Fault Management is of paramount importance to guarantee network availability, to minimise downtimes, to accelerate fault detection and to improve network performance.

Go further with our Network Management System

Networks are composed of different vendors and technologies equipment. The irruption of packet (IP/ethernet/MPLS) devices adds complexity to the traditional TDM networks. It becomes even more complex when those packet devices do not have a proper management system oriented to the transmission networks’ needs.

SGRwin – Network Management System is designed to provide an efficient network fault management allowing you to locate, control and correct faults produced in the network, identifying problems, isolating and troubleshooting them in the fastest and easiest way.

Get a complete view of the network

Our multi-vendor/multi-technology network management system provides a consolidated view of the complete network in one system, making it easier to trace the root cause of the fault instead of checking the partial view provided by vendor´s specific NMS.

Topology Dashboards

SGrwin Screen Topology Dashboards

To create an accurate network representation SGRwin provides topological maps including TDM and packet devices, virtual nodes, as well as, un-managed elements.

Further you will be able to create custom maps, allowing, in this way, network centre operators to focus in the specific part of the network which is responsible.

Also, south bound interface (SBI) is implemented to collect SNMP traps that come from other systems such as third party NMS or elements that are not part of the network, but should be monitored, such as PABX.

Multiple alarm monitors per workstation

To provide you the best multi-vendor consolidated view, SGRwin enables advanced fault management functionalities, such as multiple alarm monitors per workstation. This functionality allows it to open simultaneously, at the same workstation, several alarm monitoring windows, each one having their own alarm filters applied or displaying alarm status of different parts of the network. As a result, you will be able to accelerate the identification and resolution of network faults.

SGRwin Screen Multiple alarm monitors per workstation

SGRwin is designed to meet your needs. Have access to the most efficient network fault management and maximise your productivity.

Fault Management key features:

  • Alarm Viewer:
    • Real-time Alarm Viewer
    • Configurable alarms (colour, severity, description… etc.)
    • Alarm filtering, acknowledgement and suppression
    • Multiple simultaneous alarm monitoring windows at the same workstation
  • Affected services display
    • Alarms at the equipment (equipment, card, port, timeslot) level, circuit level and service level
  • Affected circuits
    • Circuits affected by an alarm
  • Topology Dashboard
    • Multi-vendor and Multi-technology network topology maps with a custom background
    • Localisation of the equipment affected by an alarm record
  • Local Craft Terminal Launcher
    • Equipment Local Craft Terminal launch from alarm record
  • Other highlighted features: Automatic equipment structure building, Event forwarding via email, sms or pbx, Reports and Charts

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