Umbrella Network Management System

Mission critical networks are large and complex to manage due to the sheer volume of devices, their heterogeneity and dispersed locations. Without an appropriate system in place, it is very difficult to obtain a complete view of the network and the maintenance costs of legacy devices.  Furthermore, increasing and ensuring the operation of mission critical services becomes chaotic in the absence of a global alarm management system.

In addition to this, mission-critical networks evolve and, therefore, an increased number of systems require to be managed. Utilising separated tools to monitor and manage all systems creates long-term problems, since the lack of a single solution complicates fault monitoring, configuration and maintenance tasks.

SGRwin is the Umbrella Network Management Solution you are looking for. Here’s why:

Control network alarms so your network faults don’t control you.

Our solution enables you to monitor all alarms and events easily and quickly. The system allows a classification according to the relevance of the problem and allows you to quickly locate the correlation and the root cause of the problem. Learn more at: here.

Automation like you’ve never seen before!

By using our solution, you will be able to schedule the launch of massive actions (scripts, firmware, updates, etc.), perform device auto-discovery, maintain up-to-date inventory, manage backups and restore configurations if needed, among many other things.

All-in-one system

Our system allows you to reduce the number of management systems by unifying everything in a single NMS. There are more than 400 FCAPS functionalities that you can choose from according to your needs.

Network visualization

Advanced maps that represent your entire infrastructure with graphical details that make it easy for you and your colleagues to monitor assets. Advanced and customized control panels for different groups of professionals in your organization.

Why our Umbrella Network Management solution?

  • Remote and local monitoring.
  • Everything in a single system: database, servers, cloud, interfaces, applications etc.
  • Reducing operational and system support expenses.
  • Minimising downtime and outage risks.
  • Cost effective system.
  • Providing compliance, regulations and auditing support.

Our solution is a central collection point integrating the data of all source systems and other monitoring tools, delivering advanced reports, dashboards, inventory and much more.

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