About us

Meet our story and our team

Who we are

Spanish company CIC is an experienced IT consultancy that develops its activity worldwide providing a wide range of technology solutions to markets such as power generation, utilities (oil & gas, electricity), power, renewable energy, smart cities, water treatment plants, industry 4.0. among others.

Since the beginning, CIC has focused all its efforts and assets on developing technology products with the highest quality level, carrying out bespoke projects and solutions according to the needs of its clients, as well as providing IT services that lead its clients to achieve their objectives. Currently, over 25 years´ of experience and 300 professionals bring to CIC the high expertise and knowledge levels in the ICT field. CIC is an innovative company that is committed to the new technologies, the technology progress and digitalization processes in the public and private business activities.


SGRwin featured CIC´s product

SGRwin was founded by CIC more than 25 years ago with the purpose to simplify the network management and network monitoring systems, as well as give an answer to a local power utility request to replace the existing Nokia network management system used for Dynanet network. Being the requirements the following:

  •  Improve the graphical user interface.
  •  Implement existing NMS capabilities and develop advanced functionalities.
  •  Create an affordable, future-proof and vendor independent system.

Rapidly SGRwin becomes a success within the Spanish Utilities and new requirements were addressed. First, all Nokia technologies used in critical infrastructures were included, then multi-vendor support was added, next End to End (E2E) circuit tracing and, to continue, a large list of improvements that today makes of SGRwin a superior NMS.

In the early 2000’s CIC started the internationalization of SGRwin. Now it is present in more than 80 countries with references in some of the bigger utilities worldwide. Today SGRwin provides solutions to sectors such Power, Railways, Oil and Gas, Water, Airport…


Our difference value

Our added value is based on our support from beginning to end; from the initial consultancy phase, throughout the whole project lifecycle, providing know-how and maintenance services


Our team


Javier Salazar, Head of Telecom Department

Telecommunication engineer works in CIC since 1995. Javier is the Head of CIC telecom department and he has broad experience in the area of utility telecommunications networks. He has been working in SGRwin product design and development since its creation, so he has a deep knowledge of the product, its evolution and the implementations.



Raúl Uriel, Head of R&D

Degree in computer engineering. He works in CIC since 2006 and is Head of R&D team and Core Architect of SGRwin. Specialized in web applications integration, has additional specific training in project management and programming (.NET, JAVA, AJAX).



Ana Carty, Sales Manager

Degree in Physical Sciences started her professional career in CIC in 2003. She is a sales manager in the telecom department, working for commercial development. She is in charge of SGRwin international projection.



Francisco Javier Pérez, Sales manager

Telecommunication engineer. Francisco is a sales manager in the telecom department, and in charge of the partnership development. He has been working for more than 20 years in the telecom industry in the area of utility networks and telecom operators as well.