To effectively run your substation automation system, it is essential to assure proper communication, at all levels, between different elements such as: relays, switchgear and substation control systems, among others. Moreover, interoperability is a key aspect to ensure the accurate performance between elements from different vendors. 

Our team is currently working on a new module for Substation Management. We want to provide you with an interoperable solution that makes it easier to monitor your substation automated systems, their performance, events, security aspects, as well as, providing you with the most complete visibility of your substation. 

Tell us what your project is or requirements are, we will be delighted to hear from you. You can also ask us for a demo of SGRwin D-Substation by clicking here.

What does our D-Substation tool offer you? 

Supported protocols

IEC 61850 (MMS, GOOSE, SV) 101, 104 and Modbus among others. 

Highlighted features

  • Complete Substation Monitoring and Inventory (map, alarms, traffic, etc.).
  • Real-time Events and Traffic viewers.
  • Global Substations Monitoring.
  • Edge Computing.

How does it work?

Why choose our D-Substation module to manage your digital substation? 

  • Faster set-up, assuring seamless scalability.
  • Improving visibility of your substations and their assets.
  • Greater interoperability, modularity, scalability, standardization, and productivity.
  • Improved security avoiding unauthorised accesses.

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