Operations Support System

Our solution is an essential tool to support you in all critical network management and monitoring operations.

SGRwin – OSS (Operation Support System) is the most complete solution that makes handling different vendors and technologies easier. Moreover, our OSS offers you advanced inventory of your network, fault management and correlation, a complete network view, end-to-end service provisioning and much more!

Our Operation Support System goes one step further than any traditional tool.

Service provisioning

SGRwin provides end-to-end circuit creation and configuration. It is a solution compatible with legacy and new network devices, also allowing you to create circuits between devices from different vendors.

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Massive Operation Launcher

Enables you to launch configurations, even actions (Scripts, HTTP, SSH, SNMP etc.) to a massive group of network elements. If required, you will be able to program tasks to be executed.

Available actions: Firmware A/D, Device Configuration Backups/Restores.

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A high-level inventory

You will be able to visualise relevant information for your business such as circuits and services. Device location, type, vendor, OS, configurations, serial numbers, SW version, links between sites, circuits, and other services among other assets.

Advanced fault management and correlation

  • Network alarms in real time and historical data (alarm details display).
  • Alarms classification according to their severity, category, colour, etc.
  • Acknowledgement, suppression and filtering options are also available.
  • Rules to send notifications through SMS, e-mail, WhatsApp etc.

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Incorporate network equipment on your own.

The system enables you to create different types of templates, such as Advanced IP, Frame IP, or OAM IP. By following 7 simple steps, it will take you around 10 minutes to have a fully integrated new device.

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SGRwin offers many key features, contact our team to learn more.

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