Training Services


Become a PRO managing our solution. You will be able to personalise the system according to your goals and requirements.

What you’ll learn in our SGRwin training:

Manage the system
  • System set-up and controlled switch off.
  • Manual and scheduled backup and restore.
  • System redundancy configuration.
  • Database storage.
Manage system´s users
  • Configuring users and groups.
  • Permissions management.
  • Log Activity monitoring.

Who is the target audience for the training?

Network Admins, NOC Admins and Telecom Specialists among others.


  • System configuration and customization.
  • Increasing regulation compliance and ensuring Audit support.
  • Determine roles and groups of users.


Get the most out from our solution and learn how to use its features. There are +400 features available!

What you’ll learn in our SGRwin training:

Network Configuration and Operation
  • Fault management and alarm monitoring.
  • E2E Circuit Provisioning.
  • Device Integrator uses and network devices monitoring.
  • Check a network status.
  • Create advanced dashboards.
Network Performance Management
  • Manage real-time and historical data of network performance.
  • Obtain statistics data.
  • Circuit performance.
  • Specific dashboards set-up.

Who is the target audience for the training?

O&M teams, Network Operators and Network Managers among others.


  • Fast learning curve.
  • Greater knowledge of SGRwin key functionalities.
  • Better efficiency managing your network.


Become a certified SGRwin Integrator! You will be able to add new devices on your own utilising our Device Integrator tool.

What you’ll learn in our SGRwin training:

Device Integrator
  • Design your templates related to a new model for any equipment of your network in just a few minutes.
  • Incorporate network equipment on your own.
SGRwin Framework Cloud
  • Work with SGRwin Cloud based system

Who is the target audience for the training?

GRwin Partners and Network Equipment manufacturers.


  • Network Management System for your network devices allowing you important cost-savings.
  • Independence when performing integrations.
  • Cloud System.
  • Time and cost savings.

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