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CIC will help your team develop the know-how needed to operate the network under SGRwin

 Training objectives:

  • Administer the system: You will learn the basic administration tasks for SGRwin NMS:
    • System start up and controlled switch off.
    • Manual and scheduled backups and restore.
    • System redundancy configuration.
    • Data base storage.
  • User administration: SGRwin enables you to manage multiple user accounts with different rights. You will learn how to add, modify or delete users, as well as, manage roles, rights and groups.
  • Network inventory:  Inventory is the corner stone of SGRwin. Your network is defined under inventory. You will learn how to create network elements, sites, links and other elements to build meaningful topological maps and custom views. Alarms, events and E2E circuits are also stored. Our team will guide you on how to get the most out of network inventory by means of advanced reports.
  • Network performance: You will be able to learn how to manage your network performance, an important issue within network management. SGRwin enables you to know how your network is performing. Our training team will show you how to manage the performance in the most efficient way.
  • Network operation: The CIC team will go through the main operation and maintenancetasks that you execute in your daily work. Among them; alarm monitoring to check the network status, how to create E2E circuits, and how to trace and troubleshoot circuits affected by alarms.
    In addition, you will learn how to launch the node managers to configure the network equipment.

The target audience for the training are system administrators and operation and maintenance teams. If you need more information, please visit our FAQ section.

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