Training Services

Our training programs are aimed at teaching you how to use our network management system and be able to get the most out of it.

What you’ll learn in our SGRwin training

Manage the system
  • System set-up and controlled switch off.
  • Manual and scheduled backup and restore.
  • System redundancy configuration.
  • Database storage.
Manage system┬┤s users
  • Configuring users and groups.
  • Permissions management.
  • Log Activity monitoring.
Network Inventory
  • How to create network elements, sites, links and other elements to build meaningful topological maps and custom views.
  • How to better collect and analyse all the data about sites, equipment cards, serial numbers, SW version, links between sites, circuits and services, among many others things.
Network Performance
  • Manage real-time and historical data of network performance.
  • Obtain statistics data.
  • Circuit performance.
  • Specific dashboards set-up.
Network Configuration and Operation
  • Alarm monitoring.
  • Circuit Provisioning.
  • How to use Device Integrator and monitor network devices.
  • Check a network status.
  • Create advanced dashboards.

Who is the target audience for the training?

The target audience for the training are system administrators, NOC admins and O&M teams.

Why our training services?

  • Practical cases and exercises
  • Personalised training plan
  • Multi-language training
  • Remote training or on premises

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