Power and Utilities networks support a series of critical operation:

  • Alarms monitoring and event detecting
  • Properly maintain protection systems in order to avoid outages and isolate faulted parts
  • Fast response after faults
  • Remote control
  • Access control
  • Field service management

Additionally, as a telecom sector is evolving Utilities worldwide are migrating from TDM to the next generation network.

Further power companies use dedicated telecom networks to inter-connect grid protection systems. Protection systems are paired and protect the grid against catastrophic failures. SGRwin ensures power utilities worldwide that dedicated networks are operative and protection systems can work properly.

SGRwin provides an extensive experience managing utilities networks worldwide since 90’s.

Our Network management system benefits Power&Utilities industry:

  • Providing a smooth transition to a next generation technologies
  • Bettering teleprotection systems management and control
  • Increasing operational and productivity efficiency
  • Assure service delivery
  • Minimising downtimes and avoiding outages
  • Restarting the system after fault
  • Improving field service management

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