Simplifying SFP Management for Optimal Network Performance

Say goodbye to network uncertainties and hello to seamless operation with SGRwin!

Our real-time monitoring, inventory, life-cycle, and tracking features allow you to effectively address power-related issues and ensure optimal performance and reliability of your optical modules.

Comprehensive SFP Inventory

Easily track and monitor your SFP inventory, including state, serial numbers, units, ports, IP addresses, and more, all in a single platform. Maximize productivity and minimize downtime with our real-time updates and user-friendly interface.

Detailed SFP Properties

Each SFP is assigned a unique profile, providing detailed information such as name, serial number, connector type, vendor name, and configuration data. With this level of detail, you’ll have the power to manage your SFPs like never before, making informed decisions and ensuring optimal performance.

Customizable Fields

SGRwin allows you to customize fields based on your specific needs, giving you the flexibility to track and organize SFPs based on characteristics like state, vendor name, IP address, and more, making it a tailored solution for your inventory management needs.

SFP Lifecycle Tracking

Keep track of your SFPs’ movements and lifecycle with SGRwin. Our platform records changes during the useful life of an SFP, allowing you to easily monitor its disconnections and reconnections to different ports. Stay informed about the location of each SFP with its serial number in each interface with SGRwin.

SFP Location Mapping

SGRwin’s location mapping feature allows you to filter SFPs by manufacturer, providing a quick overview of the physical locations and equipment where those SFPs are located, making it convenient for hardware updates and maintenance.

Advanced Statistics

SGRwin provides DDMs (Digital Diagnostic Monitoring) statistics for SFPs, including information on temperature, RX power, TX power, TX bias, and more, enabling you to analyze SFP degradation and predict potential faults, helping you proactively manage your SFP inventory.

SGRwin The Answer to Your SFP Management Needs

Overcoming SFP Compatibility issues

SGRwin simplifies SFP management in diverse network environments, ensuring compatibility and performance across different SFP types, vendors, and configurations.

Tackling SFP Failure and replacement

With real-time monitoring, change tracking, and advanced statistics, you can proactively identify and address issues to minimize network downtime.

Managing SFP inventory and lifecycle

With complete inventory tracking, serial number management, and change history, you can easily manage the lifecycle of your SFPs, from deployment to retirement.

Optimizing SFP performance

SGRwin empowers you with detailed performance data, configuration management, and customization options.

Received power outside the range (rxpower low/high)

SGRwin provides real-time monitoring and alerts for optical module power levels, helping you quickly detect and address issues with received power being too low or too high.

Transmitted power outside the range (txpower low/high)

SGRwin’s allows you to quickly identify the source device associated with the out-of-range transmitted power levels. This allows for efficient troubleshooting and adjustment to ensure optimal performance.

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