Network Management System for multi-vendor and multi-technology networks

SGRwin manages dedicated networks worldwide

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Simplify fault detection, analysis and operational processes by getting a complete view of the network

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Complete assets inventory
Consolidated view in a single system
Multi-level dashboards and reports

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Next generation maintenance

Multi-vendor maps
Advanced fault detection and alarm monitoring
Reducing OPEX

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Multi-vendor compatibility
Seamless network migration
In constant evolution since 90's

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Centralise all data to get a complete view of the network, detect failures and simplify operational and analysis processes.

  • Implements FCAPS functionalities to manage your telecommunications network
  • Delivers relevant insights through advanced information management
  • Provides a network evolution path for legacy networks
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More than a traditional Network Management System

Multi-vendor inventory

The complete inventory of assets, customers and services of your multi-vendor network is consolidated under a sole system. Get valuable business information through cross-reference reports and dashboards.

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Web based

SGRwin is web based. This means that virtually any PC connected to the network could be turned into a SGRwin workstation. SGRwin provides an intuitive web interface that makes operation and maintenance tasks easier.

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Packet network evolution

SGRwin replaces discontinued NMS, providing enhanced functionalities, while supporting packet network equipment. SGRwin enables a smooth transition from TDM networks to next generation packet-based networks.

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Multi-vendor topology maps and alarm monitoring windows provide information usually scattered in several vendor specific NMS. SGRwin enables to detect network problems in a multi-vendor environment and this reduces the time required to solve them.

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End to end circuits

E2E network monitoring allows you to manage network circuits and services. Imagine creating circuits automatically by clicking at the end points and displaying the circuit paths on a network map.

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SGRwin provides business information through advanced functionalities that allow you to know how a service is performing across the network and what the impact is of a fault in the service.

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