Network Solutions Suite

Manage, Monitor and Operate your multi-tech and multi-vendor network.

Agnostic and flexible plataform tailored to your case scenario.

Over 30 years of expertise in IT, OT, and IoT networks!

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Complete and Up-to-Date Inventory

Unlock the power of auto-discovery for an updated and unified inventory.

Achieve an updated and unified inventory through auto-discovery with SGRwin. Our solution provides you the ability to keep track of every action, define your discovery preferences, and group network elements according to their models, brands, or configurations.

Why choose SGRwin?

Discover why SGRwin's suite of solutions is the perfect fit for your business. Join the ranks of over 1000 satisfied users worldwide who trust us to cover all their network management needs. Say goodbye to network headaches and hello to peace of mind with our reliable and effective solutions. Get started today!

Huge list of supported network devices

SGRwin easily connects with diverse technologies, protocols, and equipment, including legacy devices.

Customer oriented solutions

With 30+ years of evolution based on customer input, integrating requested features into our roadmap.

IT and OT
network management

Seamless IT and OT management. Flexible solution for together or independent control.

Easy integration and enhaced flexibility

SGRwin is a flexible, modular solution that integrates with any scenario and existing tools.


As your networks expand, it's simple to scale up the licenses and enhance the core capabilities of the solution.

Web-based and
user-friendly interface

Secure on-premises and web-based access. User-friendly interfaces, clear menus, and customizable desktops.

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Over 30 years of experience in the industry, since 1990


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