Network Security

Tracking users' activity within the network is important to prevent risks and protect your network against unauthorised access

Nowadays, a secure network infrastructure is not only a measure against network security threats, it is also important to prevent impacts, maintain and ensure network security in order to deliver a best service in a critical environment.

Network security is of paramount importance in a critical networks

Utilities’ dedicated networks ensure the delivery of critical services to society. This is the reason why those networks must be dedicated to that specific service and must be secure.

Guaranteeing secure and controlled access to network’s resources

Users must be granted the required access level to the resources and user activity must be tracked and registered. Our NMS enables you to manage your staff accesses, permissions and activities monitoring.

Network security feature allows you to control and protect your network against cybersecurity threats

Cyber security is the biggest challenge that businesses have faced. Often cyber security attacks require large volume of resources from your network, so it is key to be able to discover any deviation in order to protect your network and solve the problem.

There are many factors that directly impact network security

From early faults detection, configuration control, to avoiding unauthorised access, whilst ensuring that services running properly, are critical tasks that administrators are facing daily.

How does SGRwin protect your network from unauthorised access?

Create users and assign permissions

Create users Screen SGRwin

Every user can be assigned rights (individual, roles and groups) setting the access level to the network.

Different methods of user authentication are supported.

User’s activities auditor

With our NMS you will be able to track and control the operations executed by the users. Further, SGRwin brings you filters and reports for better analysis processes.

User's activities auditor SGRwin Screen

Why is it important to ensure your network infrastructure security?

  • Avoid economic losses.
  • Control internal users’ activity.
  • Protect your data.
  • Avoid outages and downtimes.
  • Increase competitiveness.
  • Compliance.
  • SGRwin uses upgraded operating systems according to IT compliance rules.

Network security management key features:

  • Cyphered client-server communication.
  • Secure access control.
  • User authentication via Radius, Active Directory,…
  • User privileges limited/grouped by permissions, roles and groups.
  • Permissions per equipment type and views.
  • Automatic client log-out.
  • Events and activity logs.
  • SNMP v1, 2 and 3 supported.

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