Vulnerability management and threat detection for SOC operations.

R&D Project

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Project overview

Financing details

The project is funded by the National Cybersecurity Institute of Spain (INCIBE) under the Pre-commercial Public Procurement instrument CPP2-2022 within the cybersecurity domain.

Public Procurement of Innovation, (PPI) is a valuable tool for fostering innovation and competitiveness through public authorities leveraging public demand for goods, services, and supplies to advance public policies and fulfill the procurement entities’ mandates. The Strategic Initiative for Public Procurement of Innovation (IECPI) by INCIBE has a budget of 224 million euros under the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan (PRTR) funded by the Next Generation EU.

This initiative, operating under Ciberinnova’s umbrella, is aligned with Component 15: Cybersecurity Investment 7. Its primary focus is on strengthening the skills of citizens, SMEs, and professionals, while also propelling growth within the sector. IECPI contributes to the implementation of the Global Security Innovation Program, with a specific emphasis on one of the six crucial elements of the industry as mentioned in milestones 245 and 453 of the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan (PRTR). Its primary focus lies in the advancement of cybersecurity solutions and services that offer significant value-addition.

In 2021, the National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE), a public entity focused on cybersecurity development and innovation, decided to investigate how strategic public procurement could help shape national cybersecurity policies. At the same time, it aimed to fulfill its mandate related to innovation and industry. This exploration led to the creation of IECPI, in collaboration with other public stakeholders in the cybersecurity field. Its goal is to drive research, development, and innovation efforts, promoting the creation of cybersecurity products and solutions.

How does the VULCANO project arise?

The emergence of the VULCANO project can be attributed to the growing importance of cybersecurity in the realm of electrical distribution. This is primarily due to the intricate nature of infrastructures, the wide range of assets involved, and the absence of comprehensive solutions available.

Presenting VULCANO

An overview and its goals

VULCANO, an innovation initiative focused on cybersecurity, is specifically designed for the energy sector. This project aims to tackle various challenges, including the geographical distribution of infrastructures and the absence of integrated monitoring solutions.

By offering a comprehensive solution customized for the energy industry, the platform plays a crucial role in providing a competitive edge in a market that is highly fragmented.

VULCANO emerges to address the following challenges:

Management, monitoring, and analysis of critical IT&OT assets.
Detection, control, and management of vulnerabilities and risks.
Identification, classification, and prevention of threats in distributed networks.

Our solution can be implemented in Cybersecurity Operations Centers (SOCs) within energy companies to oversee their infrastructures and safeguard them from potential risks and threats.

Highlighted features

Cyber asset monitoring

Inventory, statuses, change detection, lifecycle, obsolescence, location, vulnerabilities, etc.

Vulnerability characterization

Autodiscovery and modelling of assets. Automatic identification and notification of vulnerabilities.

Risk/threat detection

Real-time active and passive monitoring of threats and vulnerabilities using Deep Learning techniques.

Asset states and behavior

Real-time monitoring of performance, health status, behavior, statistics, among other critical data.

Event management and correlation

Automatic algorithms for grouping similar behaviours to analyze anomalies in network traffic.

Asset geolocation

Managing and monitoring vulnerabilities across dispersed assets and O&M equipment.

End-user collaboration and validators

The VULCANO project involves key companies in the energy industry, such as E-REDES (EDP Group’s electricity distributor) and GASELEC (Melilla Gas and Electricity Company), who will be the first to validate this solution.

These leading companies will directly experience how VULCANO adapts to their individual needs and integrates to protect their critical infrastructure. Their participation as validating users demonstrates the trust and endorsement that VULCANO holds in the energy sector.

Key strategic alliances

The project is led by CIC, in collaboration with the Vicomtech Technological Center and the Cantabrian SME COSMIKAL.

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