End-to-End Service and Circuit Provisioning Feature

Service and Circuit Provisioning for Multi-Vendor Networks

The SGRwin E2E feature enables you to create and properly configure end-to-end circuits for multi-vendor equipment. You will be able to manage, create and document SDH, PDH, MPLS, IT circuits and services in your telecommunication network.

Why use an E2E service and circuit provisioning feature?

Manual management of circuits requires careful planning, long set-up time and the risk of human error is also high. It is, therefore, essential to be able to manage service and circuit provisioning tasks accurately, whilst getting the most out of your network data.

How does SGRwin allow you to create multi-vendor circuits?

To execute end-to-end circuit provisioning, the system requires you to complete just 3 simple steps:

Highlighted capabilities:

  • Capacity: you will be able to create circuits regardless of whether they are moderate or high-capacity.
  • Circuit types: simple or protected circuits are available. This means you will be able to select just a simple end-to-end circuit or protected one; the latter option allows you to select the path route while the system creates a secondary path route.
  • Mode: you will be able to choose automatic or manual execution.
  • Point and click: selecting start and end points for circuit creation.
  • Calculating several path routes:choose the route that suits you best.

Why should you consider investing in the SGRwin E2E feature?

Our tool allows you to know how your service is performing and to know the way fault impacts on the service. SGRwin gives you comprehensive information to make better decisions, reducing downtime risks and helping you to prevent future faults.

  • List of existing cross-connects and their details.
  • Visual representation.
  • Automatic path tracing.
  • Performance data and complete inventory of assets.

Key benefits:

  • Creating multi-vendor end-to-end circuits
  • Time efficiency. Our clients confirm they have significantly reduced the time required to create a circuit, on average from 1 to 4 hours.
  • Affected circuits and services. When an alarm arises, you will be able to visualise the services affected.
  • Reducing error risks. The system automatically calculates path routes available to create the circuit. Also, you will be able to determine network availability.
  • Tracing the path for multiple equipment. The system allows you to see the way everything is connected, so equipment by equipment checking is no longer necessary.
  • Increasing protection. Our NMS allows you to create protected circuits assuring that they do not use shared resources.
  • In-depth information about circuits.

SGRwin’s E2E feature makes it easier to create circuits avoiding human risks, protecting your network assets and reducing your OPEX. Contact us!

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