The telecommunication industry, now, more than ever needs to successfully manage their networks while simultaneously facing numerous critical challenges, such as: 

  • Migrating to next generation technologies 
  • Assuring quality of service delivered 
  • Minimising downtimes 
  • Avoiding outages, and extending the capacity of the network as well 

SGRwin provides extensive experience in managing telecom networks worldwide since the 90´s. 

With our network management software, you will be able to take control of your telecom network, increase competitiveness, reduce operational costs, and improve your employee efficiency. 

Why do telecommunication companies rely on SGRwin? 

  • Seamless migration 
  • Scalability as the network evolves 
  • Minimising investment and operational costs 
  • Maximising network security 
  • QoS available 
  • Avoiding outages by means of early fault detection 

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