Multi-vendor compatibility

SGRwin integrates multiple vendor equipment. There are different levels of integration:

  • Basic: Fault Management, Topological map, LCT launch, performance monitoring, inventory and reports
  • Advanced: Enhances Basic integration with advanced functionalities such End to End circuit management and performance management.

SGRwin currently supports the majority of the most widely installed manufacturers in the Utility environment, as well as the existing technologies such as: SDH, PDH, micro-wave, (B)PLC, MPLS-TP, IP, tele-protection, copper transmission, power systems etc.

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Multi-vendor compatibility list

Manufacturer/VendorFamily or technologyIntegration status of models so far
4RFAprisa Microwave RadioAprisa SR and Aprisa SR+
ABBMilegateMilegate 2300
ABBKeymileKeymile XMC 23
Actelis NetworksMetaLIGHTML530, ML58N, ML622, ML624, ML628, ML648, ML654, ML658, ML688,ML698 and ML648D
AlbisULAF+BOTU (Available upon request), BSTU (Available upon request), MCU (Available upon request), QSTU (Available upon request)
APCUPS ControllerComing soon
AvaraDFX FamilyDFX-100, DFX-1000
AvaraDynaflexDB4, DB4+, DB4X, DXC (Available upon request), DM2X (Available upon request)
Aviat (Harris Stratex)EclipseIDU (Available under request), INU (Available under request) and INUe (Available under request)
AxisAxisD2110-VE (Available upon request)
AxisAxisQ6215-LE PTZ (Available upon request)
AxxessitOptical TransmissionAxx 9100/9200 (Available upon request), Axx155-A (Available upon request), Axx155-E (Available upon request), AxxConnect (Available upon request) and AxxEdge (Available upon request)
BitstreamHyperion 402Hyperion 402
BitstreamHyperion 105Hyperion 105 (Available upon request)
Cassidian (EADS)TETRADXT 64 (Available upon request), DXT 256 (Available upon request), DXT IP (Available upon request), FXC (Available upon request), TRUA (Available upon request), TBS3 (Available upon request), DSC,… (Available upon request)
CeragonFibeAir Microwave Radio1500R
SGRwinIoTSimple IoT Devices
SGRwinUMEUnmanaged Element
SGRwinVirtualVirtual Element
SGRwinBasic IPAdvanced IoT devices, Vendor IP Routers, Switches, Servers, Operating systems, Cams, Firewall, Databases, etc.
SGRwinAdvanced IPAdvanced IoT devices, Vendor IP Routers, Switches, Servers, Operating systems, Cams, Firewall, Databases, etc.
SGRwinServers* (with our own SNMP Agent)Windows OS, Linux OS, Databases, Racks
SGRwinIndustrial Devices (with our own SNMP Agent)Edge SAS (Coming soon)
CiscoSR 500520, 520 ADSL, 520 ADSLi, 520-T1
CiscoSR 700765, 766
CiscoSR 800836, C888-E, C888-EG, C888-ESRST, 887M, 861 Npe, 881 Npe, 881G Npe, 887Npe, 888G Npe, 891 Npe, 887VG VDSL2, 887 VDSL2
CiscoSR 18001841, 1861
CiscoSR 36003640
CiscoSR 72007206
CiscoISR 19001941, 1941 W
CiscoPWR 19001941-2901-AC, 1941-POE
CiscoISR 29002901, 2911, 2921, 2951
CiscoPWR 29002911-AC, 2911-POE, 2911-DC, 1941-2901-AC, 2901-POE, 2921-2951-AC, 2921-2951-POE, 2921-2951-DC
CiscoISR 38003825, 3825-NV, 3845-NV
CiscoISR 39003925, 3925 SPE200, 3945
CiscoPWR 39003900-POE, 3900-AC, 3900-DC
CiscoASR 90009006, 9010
CiscoASR 14K14K-4S, 14K-8S
CiscoASR 10001002-F
CiscoMWR 29002941-DC
CiscoMulti-Mode Router VDSL2Generic
CiscoUC Router520
CiscoWireless RouterUC540W-FXO-K9
CiscoRouter Card WSX3011
CiscoRouter AGSGeneric
CiscoCatalyst Switch 2000Generic
CiscoCatalyst Switch 29002950, 2960, 2960-48TT-S, 2960-8TC-L Compact, 2960-48PST-L, 2975 Stack, 2975 48P
CiscoCatalyst Switch 3000Module 3012
CiscoCatalyst Switch 35003500, 3560-12PC-S Compact, 3560V2-24TS-D, 3560V2-24TS, 3560V2-24PS, 3560V2-48TS, 3560V2-48PS
CiscoCatalyst Switch 37003750V2-24TS, 3750V2-24PS, 3750V2-48TS, 3750V2-48PS
CiscoCatalyst Switch 38003850 24p, 3851 24Poe, 3852 48p, 3853 48Poe
CiscoCatalyst Switch 4500Generic
CiscoCatalyst Switch 49004928 10GE
CiscoCatalyst Switch WSC2350-48TD-S
CiscoCatalyst Blade Switch 30003042-FSC, 3042-NEC
CiscoCatalyst Blade Switch 31003120G, 3125X, 3140-XS, 3140-GS, 3150-XS, 3150-GS, 3140 Stack, 3150 Stack
CiscoME Switch3400EG-2CS-A, 3400EG-12CS-M, 3400E-24CS-M
CiscoATM SwitchLS1010
CiscoESW 500520-24-K9, 520-48-K9, 520-24P-K9, 520-48P-K9, 540-24-K9, 540-48-K9, 540-24P-K9
CiscoMDS 8G FC Blade SwitchIBM, HP, Dell
CiscoMDS 91009148
General ElectricMDSSD1, SD2, SD4, SD9, SDxDT, SDxDP, SDxP
HaliplexSDH interface unit DF1/4 Blade
HP (Hewlett Packard)ProcurveJ4900B
HuaweiOSN1500, 3500, 7500
InfineraTransMode-SeriesTM3000 (Available upon request)
Loop TelecomIntegral Access ShelfC5500, E1500
MarconiSDH TransmissionMSH-11 and MSH-41
MOXANPortSeries 5000, 6000
MPB CommunicationsOptical AmplifierVERSA2, Raman Pump 2RU-LDP
Nokia Siemens NetworksDynanet PRE/PDHDB2, DB2T, DB2P, DN2, DM2, DM2+, DM8, DM34, DM140, DF2-8, DF34, DF140,
DMF 16x2 (Available upon request), CO2, CO8, CO34, CO140, CO140N+1 (Available upon request),
TMS Adapter, BU, CBU
Nokia Siemens NetworksCopper Access (Dynanet)DL2, DSL2, DNT 2M, DNT 1M, ACM2 , ACM4, ACL2 , ACL 2i
Nokia Siemens NetworksTeleprotection (Dynanet)TPS 64
Nokia Siemens NetworksTelecontrol (Dynanet)Supervisory Substation
Nokia Siemens NetworksTETRA (Cassidian EADS)TRUA, FXC, DXT (Available upon request)
Nokia Siemens NetworksMicrowave Radio (DragonWave)DR 2+2, DMR18-38, DMR-2000, DMR-7000 (Available upon request)
Nokia Siemens NetworksMicrowave Radio (DragonWave)FlexiPacket (Available upon request), Flexihub, Flexihopper, FIU19, FIU19E
Nokia Siemens NetworksMediationDCN Adaptor (Available upon request)
Nokia Siemens NetworksDynaflex PRE/PDH (Avara)DB4, DB4+, DB4X, DXC (Available upon request), DM2X (Available upon request), ESU
Nokia Siemens NetworksCopper transmission (DNWP)FlexiNT-GS
Nokia Siemens NetworksULAF+ (Albis)MCU (Available upon request), BOTU (Available upon request), BSTU (Available upon request), QSTU (Available upon request), ACCEED (Available upon request)
Nokia Siemens NetworksSurpass hiT (Coriant)hiT 7020, hiT 7025, hiT 7030, hiT 7035, hiT 7060 and hiT 7065
Nokia Siemens NetworksSurpass hiT (Coriant)Surpass hiX (Coming soon) and hiD (Coming soon)
Nokia Siemens NetworksSDH Transmission (Haliplex)DF-1/4 Blade
Nokia Siemens NetworksSynfonet SDH (Ericsson / Marconi)SAN, STM-1/4, STM-16
Nokia Siemens NetworksFMXPlease find Siemens manufacturer below in this table
RibbonBGBG20B, BG20E, BG30B, BG30E
RibbonNPTNPT-1020, NPT-1020E, NPT-1200
RielloUPS Controller(Comming Soon)
RuggedcomRuggedcomRSG 900 (Available upon request), RSG 2100, RST 2228, RX1400, RX1501, RX1500
SchimbUPS Controller(Comming Soon)
Schneider ElectricUPS GalaxyGalaxy 5000 (Available upon request)
Siemens (see also Nokia Siemens Networks)4RF Microwave RadioAprisa SR
Siemens (see also Nokia Siemens Networks)Surpass hiThiT 7020, hiT 7025, hiT 7030, hiT 7035, hiT 7060 and hiT 7065
Siemens (see also Nokia Siemens Networks)TeleprotectionSWT 3000
Siemens (see also Nokia Siemens Networks)RuggedcomRSG 900 (Available upon request), RSG 2100, RST 2228, RX 1400
Siemens (see also Nokia Siemens Networks)FMXSNUS (Available upon request), FMX2S (Available upon request), FMX2.R3 (Available upon request), CMXC (Available upon request) and SISA-GK (Available upon request). Only available under SGRwin Ver. 5 Beta. FMX for SGRwin does require ACI Domain Manager as mediation function. Further evolution to be scheduled in SGRwin Ver. 8
Siemens (see also Nokia Siemens Networks)PowerLinkPLC PowerLink (Available upon request), PLC PowerLink IP (Available upon request)
Siemens (see also Nokia Siemens Networks)Siemens Connection MasterCM 6-slot, CM 8+8 Slot, CM 16-slot
Vitesse SemiconductorsCarrier EthernetCE + 8 ports, CE + 24 ports
Vutlan, SkyControlTelecontrol unitsSC8100 (Available upon request)
ZIVDimat TeleprotectionDimat TPU-1
ZIVCompact WAN RouterEMR-2 and EMR-4
BPL OrmazabalAPI-2000API-2000-SA (Available upon request) y API-2000-SA2 (Available upon request)
Palo AltoPAPA820 (Available upon request) and PA3220 (Available upon request)

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