Supported Products

The supported product is a vendor equipment that is managed by SGRwin. There are different levels of integration:

Basic: Fault Management, Topological map, LCT launch, performance monitoring, inventory and reports

Advanced: Enhances Basic integration with advanced functionalities such End to End circuit management and performance management.

SGRwin currently supports the majority of the most widely installed manufacturers in the Utility environment as well as the existing technologies: SDH, PDH, micro-wave, (B)PLC, tele-protection, copper transmission, power systems…

Short-medium term roadmap includes carrier ethernet, MPLS-TP and IP products.

If you are a manufacturer and you wish to see your equipment in our supported products list, please do not hesitate to contacting us

Manufacturer/VendorFamily or technologyIntegration status of models so far
4RF Aprisa Microwave Radio Aprisa SR and Aprisa SR+
Teleprotection NSD 570
SDH Transmission and MPLS XMC 23 (Milegate 2300)
Actelis Networks MetaLIGHT ML58N, ML530, ML624, ML628, ML648, ML654 and ML698
Carrier Ethernet FSP150 (To be planned)
Optical Transmission FSP3000 (To be planned)
APC UPS Controller To be planned
DFX Family DFX-100, DFX-1000
DB4, DB4+, DB4X, DXC, DM2X
Aviat (Harris Stratex) Eclipse IDU, INU and INUe
Axxessit Optical Transmission Axx 9100/9200, Axx155-A,Axx155-E, AxxConnect and AxxEdge
Cassidian (EADS) TETRA DXT 64, DXT 256, DXT IP, FXC, TRUA, TBS3, DSC,…
Ceragon FibeAir Microwave Radio 1500R
Any IP device Universal SNMP integration to any equipment via SNMP protocol
PDH Virtual PDH nodes are simulated to describe circuits and crossconnections
SDH Virtual SDH nodes are simulated to describe circuits and crossconnections
Telecontrol Auxiliary measurement and remote control equipment
UME: Unmanaged Elements (icons and lines) Additional symbols for description purposes of devices or other assets
Other equipment of digital transmission.
Other communication equipment.
Other entities that do not have to do anything with communication equipment.
Routers 1841, 3825
Switches 2950, 2960
Coriant Surpass hiT hiT 7020, hiT 7025, hiT 7030, hiT 7065
Dimat (ZIV) Teleprotection Dimat TPU-1
Connection Master Hybrid (SDH + PDH) 6-slot CM, 16-slot CM, 8+8-slot CM
DCN (IP+Eth.) and MPLS- TP CE+ and MPLS-TP
Copper transmission FlexiNT-GS
Dynanet PRE/PDH, Optical, Radio and Copper Please find Nokia Siemens Networks manufacturer below in this table
FlexiPacket Hub-800, MultiRadio
Harmony Harmony Hub 800, Harmony Radio
Microwave DMR2K, DMR18-38, DR 2+2
Eaton UPS System Controller SC100, SC200
BroadGate BG-20, BG-20E, BG-20C, BG-30, BG-30E
Neptune NPT-1020, NPT-1020E, NPT-1200
XDM, µSDM-1 To be planned
Eltek UPS Controller Smartpack 2 Master Controller, Smartpack S Controller, Compack Controller
SDH Marconi MSH-11 and MSH-41
SDH Synfonet SAN, STM-1/4 and STM-16
AXXESSIT Axx 9100/9200, Axx155-A,Axx155-E, AxxConnect and AxxEdge
Fortinet FortiGate firewall FG-200B
Gamatronic UPS PS1006, Power+, GMaCi
General Electric SD series SD1, SD2, SD4, SD9, SDxDT, SDxDP, SDxP
Haliplex SDH interface unit DF1/4 Blade
HP (Hewlett Packard) Procurve J4900B
Infinera TransMode-Series TM3000 (To be planned)
Keymile (ABB) SDH Transmission and MPLS Milegate 2300 (XMC 23)
Loop Telecom Integral Access Shelf C5500, E1500
Marconi SDH Transmission MSH-11 and MSH-41
MOXA NPort Series 5000, 6000
NEC Passolink To be planned
Nexcon Triton Triton-15
Nokia Siemens Networks
Dynanet PRE/PDH DB2, DB2T, DB2P, DN2, DM2, DM2+, DM8, DM34, DM140, DF2-8, DF34, DF140, DMF 16x2, CO2, CO8, CO34, CO140, CO140N+1, Supervisory Substation, TMS Adapter, BU, CBU, DCN Adaptor
Copper Access (Dynanet) DL2, DSL2, DNT2M, DNT1M, ACM2 , ACM4, ACL2 , ACL 2i
Teleprotection (Dynanet) TPS 64
Microwave Radio (DragonWave)
DR 2+2, DMR18-38, DMR-2000, DMR-7000
FlexiPacket, Flexihub, Flexihopper, FIU19, FIU19E
Dynaflex PRE/PDH (Avara) DB4, DB4+, DB4X, DXC, DM2X, ESU
Copper transmission (DNWP) FlexiNT-GS
Surpass hiT (Coriant)
hiT 7020, hiT 7025, hiT 7030 and hiT 7065
Surpass hiX and hiD (To be planned)
SDH Transmission (Haliplex) DF-1/4 Blade
Synfonet SDH (Ericsson / Marconi) SAN, STM-1/4, STM-16
Eksos Ready to order
FMX Please find Siemens manufacturer below in this table
Riello UPS Controller To be planned
Schimb UPS Controller To be planned
Schneider Electric UPS Galaxy Galaxy 5000
Siemens (see also Nokia Siemens Networks)
4RF Microwave Radio Aprisa SR
Surpass hiT hiT 7020, hiT 7025, hiT 7030 and hiT 7065
Teleprotection SWT 3000
Ruggedcom RSG 900, RSG 2100, RX 1400
FMX SNUS, FMX2S, FMX2.R3, CMXC and SISA-GK. Only available under SGRwin Ver. 5 Beta. FMX for SGRwin does require ACI Domain Manager as mediation function. Further evolution to be scheduled in SGRwin Ver. 8
PowerLink PLC PowerLink, BPL PowerLink IP (To be planned)
Siemens Connection Master 6-slot CM, 16-slot CM
SkyControl Telecontrol units SC8100
Vutlan Telecontrol units VT8101
Dimat Teleprotection Dimat TPU-1
Compact WAN Cellular Router EMR-2 and EMR-4

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