SGRwin – Network Management Software

SGRwin is a Network Management Software that allows you to manage equipment from different vendors and technologies whilst providing a unified vision of the network.

Our NMS provides seamless network management, accelerates fault detection, centralises configuration features, brings you customised dashboards, and much more.


SGRwin provides convergent management for:

OT Networks: SDH, PDH, MPLS-TP, EoS, Microvawe, GSM/LTE Routers, substation IEDs and Tele-protections and more… 

IT Networks: IP, Ethernet, MPLS, IoT, SAI and any other SNMP enabled device. 

SGRwin extends the management from OT domain to IT domain to fulfil Utilities´ network evolution requirements, based on convergency of both domains.  

Your OT infrastructure is evolving and incorporating many IT systems, so that the network management becomes increasingly more complex. Thanks to SGRwin, the acquisition of IT management system is no longer necessary, you will be able to manage your OT and IT infrastructure without handling with two different systems. 

SGRwin makes it easier to centralise all data to get a complete view of the network, detect failures and simplify operational and analysis processes.

Depending on your needs, SGRwin offers different packages:

  • SGRwin IP.
  • SGRwin TDM.
  • SGRwin Framework.

SGRwin NMS brings you advanced features in order to meet your network management requirements

Fault Management

Our network management software enables you consolidate fault management information, accelerate fault detection, categorise network events and troubleshoot network issues in multi-vendor networks.

Configuration Management

Our network management software allows you to centralise network configuration, manage network elements, streamline changes, automate configuration tasks and control user’s activity among others features.

Accounting Management

SGRwin brings you complete inventory, advanced reports, customised dashboard, as well as, accounting of the network resources such as sites, links, circuits, VLANs, pipes, users, equipment, cards, serial numbers, customers and services among others.

Performance Management

Our NMS helps you understand how your network is performing and the quality of the services that you are delivering. SGRwin offers you history reports and real-time monitoring in order to troubleshoot any fault detected, avoiding outages and minimising downtimes this way.

Security Management

Following ISO27001 standard, with our NMS you will be able to improve your network security and compliance with regulations, secure your network avoiding unauthorised accesses, as well as, minimise risks by means of deviation detecting and other features.

Some of advantages that our Network Management System offers:

  • Alarm notifications and tracking.
  • Integration with external systems.
  • Predefined and Customised dashboards.
  • Database integration.
  • Support of numerous protocols.
  • Network Security.
  • Network Inventory.
  • Topology maps.
  • End-to-end circuits.
  • Launch vendor’s node manager.

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