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In complex networks there is different network equipment, often managed by a corresponding vendor´s NMS. You are, therefore, forced to use multiple screens and systems to monitor your network.


Handling numerous network management systems for each device becomes a tedious task, adding pressure on your workload, such as configuration updates in each system, tracking multiple screens, system upgrades etc.


SGRwin is the best tool for multi-vendor networks, consolidating multiple equipment management in a single system, assuring time and cost savings.

OT & IT convergence is increasingly necessary, due to the digitisation and increased number of incorporated processes.


SGRwin empowers you to manage both your IT and OT architectures seamlessly, recognizing the interdependencies between them.

With our solution, you can control both “worlds” using a single tool. While some companies choose to handle IT and OT separately, SGRwin offers the flexibility to manage them together or independently to accommodate different organizational preferences.

SGRwin is a unified solution for seamlessly managing interconnected networks.

Systems convergence, resilience, early threats detection, log activity management, etc.


Your network security is our priority. Our NMS offers you:

  • Updated Inventory: with our auto-discovery feature, you will have real-time visibility into all activities performed by your field force team across your networks.
  • Log activity auditor: you will be able to monitor users´ activity and rights assigned.
  • Advanced performance reports: our solution brings you advanced data to detect any deviation in your resources and detect security anomalies at an early stage.
  • ISO 27001: Following the ISO 27001 standard and in accordance with a result of our periodical audit, we´ve achieved a high-level security in vulnerabilities detection analysis carried out by our auditor.

Lack of a powerful tool for proper fault monitoring, affected services visualisation, correlation and root case, BI reports, etc.


SGRwin is a FCAPS based solution. Among others features, fault management brings you:

  • Real-time fault information.
  • Affected services display.
  • Advanced correlation.
  • Topology dashboards.
  • Reports with real-time and historical data about faults and events.

You will be able to effectively monitor your network and detect issues as soon as they occur.

Replacing old equipment is a huge investment. However, keeping legacy equipment on the network running with new equipment can lead to serious communication and connection problems.


In constant evolution since the 90s, SGRwin provides seamless management of your multi-technology network, allowing you to handle legacy and new gen equipment avoiding numerous problems.

If you've ever encountered or been involved in the provisioning of a full service circuit across diverse technologies and equipment, then you're familiar with the challenges and complexities involved in the process.


SGRwin incorporates an end-to-end circuit and service provisioning feature, enabling you to create end-to-end connections in private or public networks.

Cost effectiveness: significant OPEX and CAPEX savings, delivering results.

Time Savings: create circuits faster and free up your team so they can focus on core projects.

Inventory like you had never imagined: advanced information about your network inventory (circuits, cards, available stock etc.).

Affected services: Once configured, you will have visibility into the services and circuits that pass through the impacted link.

Addressing the challenge of managing network capacity, updating asset information without relying on task force or field subcontractors for compliance, safeguarding against unauthorized works, and controlling connection and transmission capacity of nodes.


With SGRwin, equipment connected to your devices is automatically discovered, ensuring your data is always up to date. You benefit from advanced real-time and historical inventory data, including asset details, traffic, connections, performance, and more.

Furthermore, you receive notifications for any interventions made on your network. If any unauthorized task is performed, the tool promptly triggers an alarm, ensuring enhanced security and control.

Invest in Business Intelligence tools for key KPIs. Simplify complex data management across various tools.


With our system you will no longer need to invest in an expensive BI tool. Our NMS offers you advanced BI reports, providing you with all the relevant metrics for your business and decision-making processes – all in one. A high range of reporting options are also available.

Obtain a comprehensive and adaptable tool at a cost-effective price point.


There are multiple modular NMS available in the market, offering you expensive modules that you might require.

SGRwin is a high-modular NMS offering you cost-efficiency and result-oriented solutions.

Long waiting-times when a problem arises.


We prioritize customer satisfaction by delivering swift response times to inquiries, requests, and issues. Our dedicated team, with years of experience, offers multi-language support and has fostered long-lasting client relationships. Furthermore, our extensive network of partners provides on-site support, ensuring comprehensive assistance for our clients.

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