Power utility industry deal with some of the most critical operation, such as teleprotection, that assure a proper supply of electricity to all of us. It is important to guarantee a proper electrical service performance by detecting in a fast way any failure appeared. The failures could cause a big damage that can affect in a negative way the entire powerline of a city or even entire country.

What does SGRwin Teleprotection Dashboard offer?

Customised Teleprotection Dashboards

SGRwin offers user-friendly Dashboards that can be customised to meet a specific business’s needs. Dashboards will help you to ensure that the teleprotection system is ready to use it if needed among other advantages.

SGRwin screen Teleprotection Dashboards

Node Alarm Viewer & Affected circuits viewer

SGRwin screen Node Alarm Viewer & Affected circuits viewer

It is essential to be able to detect, rapidly and accurately, changes, faults appeared in the network or anomalies such as unusual fluctuations, jitter or asymmetry, as well as, their delay in communications.
The alarm viewer enables you to have visibility in real-time of all teleprotection’s events within your network.
SGRwin allows you to visualise nodes, teleprotection’s equipment, as well as, circuit alarms.

Filter circuits affected by alarms

SGRwin helps you detect where the failure is on the line, so you will be able to localise the fault and isolate it from the rest of the network in order to keep running your infrastructure. You will be able to filter circuits affected by alarms simplifying this way the detection and response processes.

Event and alarm filters

This key feature monitors and brings you all teleprotection events filtered by severity, period, type of alarm, NE affected, duration, etc. SGRwin notify you about the severity of the faults allowing you to take a fast response to any failure detected.

Specific Event Viewer

SGRwin incorporates extra event viewer enabling you to customise the way you want to visualise the events occurred within your network. Further, you will be able to restore specific events, to storage and remove them.

SGRwin screen specific event viewer

Teleprotection customised maps

SGRwin screen Teleprotection customised maps

Power Utility and Telecom networks are complex with a lot of circuits, stations, equipment, etc. In order to facilitate the view of your network, could drill deeper the existing connection and detect the failure SGRwin brings you customised maps.
When teleprotection event occurs, it is outmost importance to get in a faster way the location of the fault for its troubleshooting in a shortest time possible avoiding the fault rippling through the network.

Topology Map & Service Layout

SGRwin enables you to organise your network with layers making this way the visualisation easier.
SGRwin brings you layout maps organised by hierarchy so you will able to visualise the entire network or a specific part including teleprotection elements in a graphic map.
Topological map enables you to visualise teleprotection elements by icons and colours, as well as indicates you the performance state.

SGRwin screen Topology Map & Service Layout

Teleprotection equipment statistics

SGRwin Screen Teleprotection equipment statistics

Our NMS brings you data of all elements that composed your network protection systems. You will be able to check the performance of your equipment, elements connected, failures appeared, time response, etc.


In order to improve your analysis processes SGRwin offers you graphical reports, advanced multi-dimension reports, as well as customised reports; also, option is there to export reports in different format such as Excel, PDF or Word among others.

SGRwin Screen Reports

It is time to meet the advantages of our NMS’s Teleprotection Management Feature

By means of SGRwin you will improve considerably teleprotection and network performance.
Keep running your services even there are failures it is critical operation to your business. Our Network Management System enables you to detect, isolate and troubleshoot faults avoiding outages in your network. Also, you will get a detailed analysis tool in order to troubleshoot delays and isolate critical faults in a shortest time possible.

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