Maximizing Network Uptime with Alarms and Event…

Optimal network performance and reliable connectivity are essential in our fast-paced digital world. Downtime can result in significant business...

< 22 Feb 2023 />


SGRwin Day 2023

Dear valued stakeholders and associates, We are pleased to provide you with the latest update on our business progress...

< 20 Feb 2023 />

Monitoring and Management Solutions

Network Information Management: Understanding its significance

Effective network information management is essential for maintaining efficient and safe networks. By implementing best practices for documenting, organizing,...

< 02 Feb 2023 />


SGRwin attends ENLIT 2022 in Frankfurt

SGRwin attended ENLIT 2022 in Frankfurt from 29th of November to 1st of December. As a product with over...

< 02 Dec 2022 />

Network Automation, Optimization and Operations

A Definitive Guide to Network Mapping Tools:…

Emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and network virtualization coupled with consistent exponential technological...

< 18 Nov 2022 />

Mission Critical Communications

TETRA networks: the key to critical communications

TETRA radio communication networks provided several improvements over the initial era of wireless communications when it was analog. TETRA...

< 10 Oct 2022 />

Network Asset Management

Beware: Top 5 Network Asset Management Mistakes 

Many companies are not aware of how much money they can save by having a network asset management system...

< 02 Sep 2022 />

Network Asset Management

ITAM: An Overview of IT Asset Management 

ITAM is a fundamental process to increase the value of the components that make up a network. Many professionals...

< 11 Aug 2022 />

Network Protocols and Standards

Let’s talk a little more about SNMP…

Simple Network Management Protocol  (SNMP) is part of the network protocols that is used for transmitting data.  In this...

< 31 May 2022 />

Monitoring and Management Solutions

What is Network Management System?

Network management has always been complicated, and despite technological advances, it is still tedious and involves numerous challenges. Diverse...

< 12 May 2022 />

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