Web-based Network Management

Enables easy access through the Internet to your Network Management System (NMS)
allowing you to manage your network and its resources

Access to your Network Management System (NMS) through Internet

Network complexity has increased, there are more technologies and vendors to be supported by Network Management Systems. Administrators seek an efficient system that will allow them to manage their networks easily and at a lower cost.

Web-based technology allows for reducing of upgrade costs, simplifying new features integration, bettering user-interface and performance by means of graphical view, as well as, supporting a larger number of vendors, among others benefits.

Web-based network management (WBNM) enables easy access through the Internet (Browser User Interface BUI) to your Network Management System (NMS) allowing you to manage your network and its resources. Regardless of its location, SGRwin virtually makes any authorised laptop an operational and maintenance (O&M) workstation.

Web-based network management allows you to manage your network in an independent platform providing a smooth management web interface and minimising costs. Further, this system allows administrators to manage the network and its assets at any network management check-point.

WBNM use HTTPS as a management data transfer protocol between SGRwin´s clients and servers, allowing complete, secure and remote network management by means of a web browser. Thus, it is suitable, for example, for organisations that outsource network O&M and / or have distributed O&M centers.

What are the advantages of using a web-based network management system?

  • Usability and access: remote network management has become a reality thanks to web-based solutions such as SGRwin. It makes it easy to access your network management through Internet access, at any place and at any time.
  • User-friendly, graphical and simple interface: web-based management enables interactive and graphical user interface, allowing better performance simplifying your network management processes this way.
  • Minimising costs and bettering upgrades processes: through web-based network management you will be able to reduce costs and simplify upgrades, with few required resources. Furthermore, business systems integration is available and easy to carry out.
  • New management releases developed and installed in an easy and fast way: web-based tool makes it easier to implement new features than with traditional non web-based NMS.

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