Recuperating the control of the network management, getting rid of outsourcing services

31 May 2021

About the client

A large North European electricity company which operates the national electricity transmission network of the entire country. The company is government owned and manages almost 17.000 kms of optical fiber network. 

Due to confidentiality agreements, we cannot reveal the name of our client. 

Our challenge

Our client no longer wanted to outsource their network management. Outsourcing did not allow them to control the network. They were looking for a proper tool in order to enable them to manage their network in an independent, agile and simple way, as well as, incorporating teleprotection equipment management.

There were several challenges: 

  • Recuperate the control of the network management, getting rid of outsourcing services. 
  • Implement a suitable tool to manage multi-vendor equipment, as well as, specific equipment such as protection relays. 
  • Circuit and service provisioning feature also was in order.

The solution

SGRwin designed and executed a migration plan, supporting our client during the node commissioning process. We wanted our client to have more control, therefore, a customized tool was designed, taking into account the client’s requirements and specific needs.  

Our solution was a multi-vendor and multi-technology project, which incorporated a teleprotection management module, offering advanced features to monitor and manage teleprotection devices. This module enables the client to easily visualise teleprotection equipment, failed telecommunication channels and directly affected circuits, among other protection systems’ data.

As it was of vital importance, a E2E circuit and service provisioning feature was also implemented, making it easier to create circuits and monitor services affected by faults.

The final result

Our client regained total control of its network management and monitoring, allowing them to fully benefit from:

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