• IoT: Internet of Things. SGRwin is developing the technology to support the mass deployment of IoT devices and integrating the different communication protocols such as REST and MQTT. SGRwin will cope with the mass firmware distribution and provide smart GUI to manage the huge amount of inventory data produced.
  • IP/Eth: SGRwin implements an IP layer with functionalities such as node and link discovery and automatic map creation. Two levels of integration:
    • Standard based on MIB II: Element structure discovery, fault management and performance collection.
    • Advanced: managing private MIB information to create VLAN maps, configuration backups, configuration change detection and mass firmware distribution among others.
  • MPLS-TP: SGRwin supports a multi-vendor MPLS-TP layer. SGRwin implements a common logical layer to create the MPLS-TP elements such LSP and PSW and specific drivers for different manufacturers.
  • TDM: MW, SDH and PDH technologies are natively supported under SGRwin. The list of supported manufacturers is large. SGRwin provides a seamless evolution path from TDM technologies to packet technologies C37.94: Teleprotection is used in the power energy sector to protect the power transmission lines. SGRwin integrates the most common teleprotection in the market

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