IT industry more than ever, need to manage their networks in a most successful way while facing challenges such as digital transformation, expansion and regulation compliance. 

SGRwin IT module is an all-in-one solution that enables you to effectively manage and monitor your network with diverse technologies manufacturers’ equipment.

What does our IT network monitoring tool offer you? 

Supported protocols

IP, Ethernet, IP/MPLS, IoT, SAI and other SNMP enabled devices, among others.

Highlighted features

360º Network View

Consolidated view of your entire network in just a single system.

IP Layer 3

Graphic representation enables you to control and ensure the connection and delivery of data.

Device Integrator

Allowing you to incorporate network equipment on your own and in just a few minutes.

MIB Browser and MIB Compiler

Load and view vendor MIB data, as well as, read SNMP data from your devices.

Backup, Merge and Restore devices settings

Store configurations from your network devices automatically or manually. Manage, compare, or restore backups whenever needed.

O&M operations

Supporting operational and maintenance operations enabling Firmware A/D, Authentication, Terminals, and other tools.

Massive Operation Launcher

Enables you to launch configurations, even actions (Scripts, HTTP, SSH, SNMP, etc.) to a massive group of network elements.

Log Activity

Control the way your team interacts, accesses, and executes tasks within the system.

Why is our NMS the best solution for your IT infrastructure?

  • A single point. Consolidated 360º view of your multi-vendor network. 
  • Cost effective. Reduces cost expenditures and helps you optimize your network resources. 
  • Saves time and enables your team to free up so they can focus on core projects. 
  • Keeps the network up to date and delivers you advanced BI reports. 
  • Independence. Do not depend on third parties to integrate new models or equipment. 
  • Scalability. Allowing you extend the capacity meeting your growing needs.
  • IT Compliance. Supporting you in auditing and control processes.
  • High-level inventory. Providing you relevant information for your business such as circuits and services. 

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