Network Migration

Our network migration service helps you make a smooth transition avoiding time-consuming and business losses

Migrating existing networks to a new system can be a hard and time-consuming task. Under this service, CIC makes it easier to deliver your network integrated and monitored under SGRwin system. Faster and more efficiently.

Network migration consists of five main phases:  

1. Initial information gathering

The starting point to network migration is the evaluation of the existing network infrastructure and its needs.
The initial analysis includes the gathering of all the information that the customer has regarding its own network. It includes existing NMS exports, Excel sheets, Power Point slides and Visio map, among others.
With this information, the CIC team learns about the network and will create a migration plan.
Once the strategy is defined, the next steps can be executed.

2. SGRwin system setup

This process is executed in parallel to the existing NMS system (if there is one). First, SGRwin SW is installed in the designated servers (physical or virtual machines). Then network data has to be implemented under the SGRwin system.
System setup represents a critical phase for the building of the network topology: Data network communication, Equipment and Sites definitions, including equipment in sites, links among sites and equipment… Also, users, roles and user groups are created and assigned rights to them.
Finally, the main SGRwin features performance are checked. (Integration Acceptance Tests).

3. NMS switch over

Once SGRwin has passed the IAT then the NMS switch over can be executed. This process is usually executed supervision bus by supervision bus.
The supervision of the network elements is checked.
Once all buses are migrated then legacy NMS can be switched off.
Roll back to legacy NMS is very simple as no action is taken over the legacy servers.

4. End to end commissioning

In case E2E functionality is provided, SGRwin downloads the cross-connection tables of the network elements and existing circuits are discovered. Circuits are given once they are registered in the system.

5. End-user training and system delivery

Although SGRwin is easy to use, training is essential to get the most out of our Network Management System. The CIC team delivers SGRwin training on the customer´s premises or in its offices in Spain. The training is targeted to system administrators and O&M teams.
Network Migration Service is performed in close cooperation with the customer to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction.

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