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16 Feb 2022

Since networks evolve, devices are continually added and configurations are changed. Having complete and updated network inventory becomes challenging for many organisations, since it requires time, resources, and effort.

What does network inventory mean?

Network inventory brings you visibility of all the assets available on your network, such as hardware and software, as well as, configurations and other relevant information about those network elements.

In a nutshell, network inventory gives you a complete view of your network resources.

Why is network inventory crucial to your business?

Network inventory is of utmost importance because it enables organisations to track devices, their type, serial numbers, licenses, status, interconnections, etc. Also, end-of-life dates and end-of-support dates are essential for configuration and maintenance.

The lack of good network inventory can lead your organisation to problems such as:

  • Not having enough information to perform an accurate planification of network changes.
  • Problems when estimating and defining costs.
  • Difficulties when defining the expansion, capacity configuration and maintenance operations.

Therefore, ignoring network inventory problems can cost you money, time, productivity, performance and even lead to a network outage.

The importance of network resource management for multi-vendor and multi-technology networks

Telecom networks are multi-vendor by nature. Vendor´s Network Management Systems provide a partial view of the network, making it almost impossible to get a consolidated view of the network. In addition, information is always scattered in different systems.

A consolidated view is critical to facilitate and simplify the decision-making process, minimise operational costs, improve resource management and guarantee network security.

Main benefits of accurate network inventory and its advantages

  • Reduces cost expenditures and helps you optimise your network resources.
  • Improves devices life cycle management.
  • Better stock management for renewals or device replacement.
  • Automates operations and reduces compiling and upgrading times.
  • Helps in auditing and control processes.

What makes our solution different from other tools?

SGRwin provides a high-level inventory. You will be able to visualise relevant information for your business such as circuits and services.

Our solution enables you to manage your network assets in a smarter way. SGRwin offers a wide range of information and automation features bringing you:

  • Multi-vendor inventory management.
  • Devices auto-discovery is available.
  • Physical and logical resources inventory.
  • Integration with external tools.
  • Advanced reports utilising Business Intelligence technology.

Our NMS brings you data such as device location, type, vendor, OS, configurations, serial numbers, SW version, links between sites, circuits, and other services among other things.

Moreover, with our solution you will be able to get rid of manual processes automating network inventory operations.

To conclude, our company has a suite of applications available that can be integrated with SGRwin. This suite offers you the following solutions:

IDboxRT: Operational intelligence tool that allows supervision of industrial, energy and smart processes.

FIELDEAS: Provides full visibility and control of field operations and services.

LUCA: A Business Intelligence solution that enables one to access all company information, providing real-time and historical reports and dashboards.

Don’t waste any more time, start tracking your network resources and implement network inventory and achieve the success you want!

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