Network Evolution

SGRwin enables a smooth transition from TDM networks to next generation packet-based networks.

For many years, time division multiplexing (TDM) networks have been used in critical infrastructures that deliver critical services.

TDM technology, such as PDH plesiochronous digital hierarchy and SDH synchronous digital hierarchy, provide reliable and secure communications and switching time below 50ms, which is critical for power utilities.

But new services and devices in critical networks require efficient bandwidth usage and improved connectivity. For this reason, Packet Networks fulfil those requirements at a lower cost, allowing for better performance.

TDM networks scheme

Thereby, as a result of changes in telecoms technology and utilities networks, which have faced a transformation recently, replacing their traditional TDM with packet transport technologies, such as next-generation technologies based on IP, MPLS and Ethernet.

Moving to a packet-based network.

What are the advantages of migration from Legacy to Next Generation Networks?

  • Supports all services including “legacy” (pre-existing). Services supported by the TDM networks which can also work in the Ethernet networks (by CES or SAToP)
  • Single infrastructure to efficiently maintain and operate whilst saving operational costs
  • High flexibility to transport all kind of services, with several speeds and pack sizes.
  • Efficient costs and bandwidth management
  • Topology flexibility

What challenges are the companies facing?

Information gathering regarding circuits and services to be migrated, which are scattered among several systems and are often outdated.

Availability of skilled resources, capable of managing, planning and executing the network evolution.

The network migration must be smooth and seamless in order to preserve the critical services.

In constant evolution since the 90s, integrating vendors and technologies SGRwin grows as your dedicated network grows.

SGRwin is designed to provide seamless network evolution.

SGRwin combines, in the same system, your existing network with packet networks. Migration from existing network to packet network will be performed under the same SGRwin system in a controlled way whilst minimising risks.

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