Advanced Performance

Your business is not a network element, but a series of critical services delivered by means of circuits created through several network elements.

In dedicated networks, in order to measure how the circuits are performing it is of paramount importance to understand the quality of the service delivered.

Traditional performance provides a view of how an individual network element is performing, but this is not enough to understand how a circuit is performing. SGRwin correlates E2E and inventory information to understand how circuits are performing.

Predefined dashboards provide a comprehensive view of the critical information of your network.

SGRwin allows you to monitor your multi-vendor network consolidating your faults, circuits and inventory information

Furthermore, SGRwin fault management functionality enables a suitable network monitoring providing alarms, events management, as well as, a graphic view of topology and logical maps.

SGRwin allows you to detect network problems in a multi-vendor environment and thus, reduces the time required to solve them. SGRwin also provides an intuitive web interface that makes it easier for operation and maintenance tasks.

Simplify maintenance and upgrading tasks. Optimise your IT infrastructure by means of an effective network configuration

SGRwin allows you to configure your network elements in an easy and efficient way. You will be able to manage your network configuration, streamline any changes in your network, automate configuration tasks and control user’s activity. Receive alerts when configuration changes occur, find your network elements such as devices, get detailed reports, control user access and improve the life-cycle management of your network elements, all of which is possible with SGRwin.

Manage your network assets more effectively. Administrate your network resources whilst getting a deeper inventory view

Our Network Management System enables you to administrate your network resources providing advanced reports and inventory information. Thus, it is critical to be able to address any issues related to devices connected to your network. You will be able to obtain information not only about computers, routers or servers, but you will also be able to get information about serial numbers, links, software installed and links between sites among others.

SGRwin transforms a basic inventory into an integral list of your network assets.

Optimising network performance in order to deliver critical services

Ensure the delivery of your services with a high-quality guarantee. SGRwin enables network performance management in order to prevent downtimes or outages, as well as, reducing required time for troubleshooting in a critical services supply.

Protect your network against direct impacts and risks

Secure your network avoiding unauthorized accesses and minimising risks by means of deviation detecting and other features. SGRwin allows you to manage user access to your network resources, fault detection, control of configuration changes, as well as, real-time topologies maps among other features. With our tool you will be able to improve your network security and compliance with regulations.

Some of advantages that our Network Management System SGRwin offers

  • Alarm notifications and tracking
  • Integration with external systems
  • Dashboards
  • Database integration
  • Support of numerous protocols
  • Network Security
  • Network Inventory
  • Topology maps
  • End-to-end circuits
  • Launch vendor’s node manager

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