Network administration includes all the activities related with network inventory and its maintenance

Network inventory includes assets, such as all the hardware infrastructure, the physical sites, telecommunication links and the business logic created; such as customers, sites, services and circuits among other things.

The inventory contains all the information configured and all the equipment present in the network. It is critical to be able to correlate, search, filter, display, and export that information to get relevant business information.

Network inventory facilitates network assets management for multi-vendor and multi-technology networks

The inventory database collects complete information from the network. E2E and monitoring applications, among others, feed and use the information that inventory manages and provides.

The complete network is defined under inventory function. Inventory supports SGRwin in order to allow:

  • Configure the network: manage (create, activate, modify, delete) network element families, define areas within families, create networks elements for each area and assign them to sites. Also you will be able to create reports and export them. Furthermore, SGRwin enables one to manage DCN adaptors.
  • Define map elements: manage (create, modify, delete) the site hierarchy and the links between sites that will create the topological map. Also, links can be created from a topological view making click and drag between end sites. Reports can be created and exported.
  • Circuit Management: Linked to the E2E circuit management functionality. SGRwin inventory functionality allows one to manage (create, modify and delete) clients, to define and to assign services to those clients. Circuits are created under E2E functionality and assigned to services and clients. Reports can be created and exported.

SGRwin provides a complete and comprehensive network inventory, including sites, equipment in sites, cards in equipment, serial numbers, SW version, links between sites, circuits, services, etc.

Key features:

  • Multi-vendor inventory
  • Serial number inventory
  • Link advanced info, duct, segments, frame
  • Multidimensional inventory reports
  • Scheduled database back-up and restore

What advantages does Network Inventory offer?

Network inventory facilitates network resource management for multi-vendor and multi-technology networks. Telecom networks are multi-vendor by nature. Vendor Network Management Systems provide a partial view of the network, thereby, making it almost impossible to get a consolidated view of the network. This consolidated view is critical to facilitate and simplify the decision-making process, minimise operational costs, improve resource management and guarantee network security.

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