SGRwin – Network Management System

A modular network management system, it makes handling different vendors and technologies easier

The system offers you the most complete management tool, even if you deal with legacy equipment. On top of that, you will no longer have to worry about OT & IT convergence.

Our NMS is an FCAPS based solution, it enables you to:

  • Obtain a complete and comprehensive view of your network and its assets. 
  • Simplify operational and analytical processes.
  • Achieve cost efficiency and reduce OPEX.

One product – 3 solutions


TDM (PDH and SDH), IP, MPLS, MPLS-TP, Ethernet, Teleprotection, among others.

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IP, Ethernet, IP/MPLS, IoT, SAI and any other SNMP enabled device, among others.

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IEC 61850 (MMS, GOOSE, SV) 101, 104 and Moodbus among others.

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What makes us different?

  • Multi-technology system
    • OT Networks: PDH, MPLS-TP, EoS, Microwave, TETRA, GSM/LTE Routers, substation management including IEDs and teleprotection systems, among others.
    • IT Networks: IP, Ethernet, MPLS, IoT, SAI and any other SNMP enabled device.
  • E2E service and circuit provisioning
    Our easy-to-use E2E feature enables you to manage, create and document SDH/PDH/MPLS/IT circuits and services in a telecommunication multi-vendor networks.
  • Result-oriented tool
    • Advanced fault detection and correlation.
    • System focused on network evolution.
    • Improves your response time.
    • Eliminates manual network processes.

A high-level modular solution with advanced features

Fault Management

SGRwin consolidates fault management information, accelerates fault detection and categorises network events.

  • Alarm Viewer.
  • Event Viewer.
  • Device Viewer.
  • Topology Maps.
  • Affected Services Display.
  • Integration with helpdesk ticketing system.

Configuration Management

Enabling you to manage your network configuration, streamline changes and automate configuration tasks.

  • Multi-NE Script Launcher. 
  • E2E multi-vendor circuit provisioning feature.
  • NE Configuration backup, merge and restore.
  • Device Integrator.
  • LCT Manager.
  • MIB Browser/MIB Compiler.

Accounting Management

Allowing you to control and administrate your network assets, providing advanced reports and inventory information.

  • Customised & Pre-defined dashboards. 
  • Inventory. 
  • Advanced reports.

Performance Management

Our NMS helps you understand how your network is performing and the quality of the services that you are delivering.

  • Configurable performance management.
  • Service performance.
  • Real-time& historical reports.
  • Topology maps with hierarchical layers.

Security Management

According to ISO 27001 our tool enables you to improve your network security and complies with regulations.

  • User auditor and management.
  • Activity log reports.
  • Protection from unauthorised accesses.

Our Network Management System offers you more than 400 functionalities meeting your network management needs!

Ready to transform the way you manage your network?

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