Our Network Management System allows you to collect information about configuration changes,
create reports, detect faults, manage and make changes in the configuration in the most efficient way

Network configuration management is an important task within network operations, not only in its initial phase, but also on a daily basis.

Network operators constantly make configuration changes and this can result in faults, creating security, connectivity and network performance problems. The situation becomes even more complex when the network is composed of multi-vendor devices and the operator must make changes in the configuration of this devices which are scattered across different manufacturer’s network management systems.

Optimise your network operations managing circuits in the most efficient way

One of the main tasks in network operations is circuit management. Circuits provide communication between end point devices and allow for the delivery of the service provided by those devices. Circuits have to be created, modified and deleted almost daily. Manual management of circuits requires careful planning, is a very time-consuming and the risk of human error is very high. In a multi-vendor environment, the task becomes even more difficult.

SGRwin allows you to create end to end (E2E) multi-vendor circuits in an automated way

Circuits can be created just by selecting the end points. The system automatically downloads the cross-connection tables of the nodes involved and calculates the available paths. The operator just has to select the most suitable one. This reduces the time for circuit creation from several hours to a few minutes. Also it eliminates the possibility of human error at the different stages of the circuit creation.

(*) Not available for all the supported products. Please ask the SGRwin sales team.

Ensure your network and its assets through protected circuits provided by SGRwin

SGRwin can create protected circuits and ensure that protected circuits don’t use shared resources / infrastructures whenever possible. This way, the operator ensures that the protection of the circuit is more resilient to failures.

Critical services are often provided from two different sites; one main site and a secondary one to provide service resilience. For example SCADAs and RTUs that are managed. SCADA sites are connected to the RTUs by means of two different circuits, often delivered through equipment from different manufacturers and/or technologies. SGRwin can be notified that those circuit are providing the same service. SGRwin creates a logical link in the system and both circuits which are displayed simultaneously on the maps.

Circuits can be assigned a name, customer and service by means of free text fields. This information  will  allow the operator to clearly identify the circuit and its purpose. All the circuit information is incorporated in the inventory database. SGRwin implements business intelligence to deliver complex reports to access critical business information. SGRwin can detect circuits with discontinuities. Discontinuities identify a circuit that, for some reason, has less than two end points. A typical reason for this, is a partial dismantling of the hardware of a circuit because it is no longer necessary. Discontinuities mean hardware capacity is left stranded. SGRwin informs the stranded resources in a discontinued circuit. The operator can take corrective measures to release capacity.

Key features:

  • Vendor Local Craft Terminal launch.
  • Web based manager launch.
  • Tools (Telnet, SSH, Ping).
  • Scheduled backup/restore of equipment settings.
  • End to End (E2E) circuit configuration and display.
  • Protected circuit creation avoiding the same infrastructure usage.
  • Simultaneous display of redundant circuits.
  • Link free capacity and slot usage.
  • Support of virtual nodes and unmanaged equipment (UME).
  • Third party NMS reports circuit import.

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