Information Management

Get the most out of your data while adding value to your network management through Business Intelligence

The information scattered throughout your network represents an important value and a strong asset for your business. Furthermore, network information drives your management to Business Intelligence that will allow you to improve performance, productivity, improving the decision-making process and reducing operational costs.

Information is basic to manage your network efficiently

Your network elements such as, servers, devices, links…etc. all generate network performance information. Therefore, it is key to be able to analyse that information provided by the network and its elements in order to get the most out of that data. The aim is to use all the available data in order to make better decisions and improve response time.

Network information: a huge asset for a critical-services businesses.

Information is usually spread throughout the system´s databases. SGRwin implements tools to get the most out of the network data.

SGRwin includes a business intelligence tool for data analysis and custom reports creation.

Complex reports and graphics can be implemented providing multidimensional business information.

You will be able to visualise all information layers, understanding the data provided in a better way through graphics and advanced reports.

Key features that brings an efficient network management software:

  • Complete view of your network
  • Advanced inventory
  • Diagnostic capabilities
  • Advanced reports

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