SGRwin training for our end-customer

27 Dec 2022

During these days we are providing training to our client’s staff and we want to share it with you. We provide intensive technical training to ensure that they face no difficulties in operating our NMS and to increase their confidence when using our tool.

There are 3 different types of training available:

  • Admins Training – Learn how to manage our system and become a pro managing SGRwin. You will be able to adapt the system to your business objectives and requirements on your own.
  • Users Training – Get the most out of SGRwin and learn how to use its features. There are already more than 400 available in the system!
  • Integrators Training – Become a certified SGRwin Integrator and perform your own integrations thanks to our Device Integrator feature and other framework tools.

In case you need any further information do not hesitate contacting us at:

We offer continuous training to ensure we are always improving our ability to deliver value to our customers.

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