SGRwin: This is how the CMMI model has helped us to be more efficient

10 Aug 2022

The Integration Capability Maturity Model commonly known as CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) is a model that gathers the best practices for software development, maintenance, and progress.

It is important to understand that the quality of a system or product is highly influenced by the process used to develop and maintain it. Hence, for us CMMI is a relevant certification since it tests our processes, analytics, maintenance, product quality and customer satisfaction.

According to the latest certification we have reached level 3 of maturity. This means that we are more proactive in our actions, we follow a methodology and standards for product development with a focus on continuous improvement.

There are 5 recognized levels, with the fifth level being the most optimized. Our goal is to keep striving to reach the top of CMMI level 5.

What results have been detected in SGRwin with the implementation of the CMMI model?

For SGRwin CMMI is not just a certification, we consider that it is a work culture that must be followed to optimize development processes. Following the model we have been able to verify a series of improvements that have been achieved:

  • Workflows have been considerably streamlined since the entire team applies the same rules and methodology, uses the same documentation, tools and processes.
  • The analytics and measurement of performance and results have taken a 360º turn for us thanks to CMMI. We currently have greater control of information, we obtain key KPIs for decision-making, and we are able to quickly detect inefficiencies to apply corrective measures.
  • Our software design and requirements management flows appropriately. In these last two years our product has undergone a great change with which our customers are very satisfied.
  • The product roadmap includes the key requirements for our clients, in addition we continuously implement improvements based on the corrections that are carried out after the relevant tests.

All these improvements translate into greater efficiency and performance of our team, development of a solution that adds value to our customers and increases their satisfaction, reduces development costs and improves analysis and decision-making.

Several clients have confirmed that they have noticed improvements in the projects carried out by our team, which is why they congratulate us on the progress that SGRwin is making. We are committed to innovation, continuous improvement and satisfaction of our end customers. We continue working on optimizing our processes to move to level 4 in the next CMMI certification.

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