Bettering your IT network management, increasing competitiveness, reducing costs and improving your staff’s productivity

IT more than ever, need to manage their networks in a most successful way while facing challenges such as digital transformation, growth, and regulation compliance.

There are different critical task facing IT Industry, from assure quality of the service delivered, minimise downtimes, avoid outages, to extend the capacity of the network as well.

With our network management software, you will be able to take control of your IT network, increase competitiveness, reduce operational costs and improve your staff’s efficiency.

Why our NMS is the best solution for your IT infrastructure?

  • Just a single system: Providing you a consolidated view of your multi-vendor and multi-technology network in a single system
  • Minimising downtimes and avoiding outages: Advanced fault management and alarm monitoring
  • Increasing network security: Scheduled mass deploys and firmware´s patches and releases activation
  • Reducing security threats: Backup and restore
  • Providing scalability: Allowing you extend the capacity meeting your growing needs
  • Ensuring redundancy: Avoiding the use of shared network resources when creating protected circuits
  • Maximising resilience: The system can relate links that provides connectivity to the same end points and display them
  • Bettering network representation: Including virtual nodes and un-managed elements to complete the network representation
  • Multi-vendor inventory and BI: advanced multidimension reports
  • IT compliance: SGRwin is installed in virtual machines and in recent versions of Windows OS

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