SGRwin 8.7 Has Arrived! So What’s new?

07 Jul 2021

Our pioneering SGRwin system is continuing its growth by offering its clients an efficient and results oriented tool.  Some of the added changes and advantages of SGRwin can be divided into 3 modules: 

  • Telecom.
  • IT.
  • D-Substation.

SGRwin was designed with only one thing in mind: the user´s productivity.  The new 8.7 version has added an applications catalog. The user can now select the most useful components according to his or her needs, requirements of his or her organization, network or budget.

Figure 1: App Catalog available in SGRwin 8.7 version

What Other Novelties Does SGRwin 8.7 Offer?

The User Can Personalize the System’s GUI

The user can set up SGRwin according to its organization´s brand identity, personalizing the system´s logo and colours.

Permanent Links (URL or QR Code)

  • Easier Dashboards access via URL or QR Code.
  • QR Code access to equipment display.

Alarm Correlation for transmission networks (PDH / SDH)

Analysis and alarm correlation , based on E2E topology (active alarms and other). Allows for quick identification of the root cause to a problem in the OT of a communications network.

Server Monitoring System

Server supervision is now included.  It will notify you of any anomalies that can affect your server’s performance.  The possible causes of problems will be reported, like the capacity of the disk, an excessive use of memory or other possible malfunctions.

More Security

The conclusions of the periodic ISO 27001 audit stated that we have reached a high security level in its vulnerabilities detection analysis.  This means that your system will be highly secure.

 SGRwin 8.7 has clearly left its mark!  Stay tuned to our newsletters and Social Media news where you will be able to read all the news that´s fit to print regarding our new releases.

What was the 8.6 version like?

In case you missed the news regarding the earlier version, below you will find some interesting videos:

Click here for an article on the 8.6 Version.

Our objective is to create disruptive technology for complex network management that will add value to our clients and partners.

Let’s go after the next version!

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