SGRwin 8.6 release

23 Feb 2021

We are evolving every passing day as your network also do. Each SGRwin version we launch improves to meet your needs, offering you a result-oriented tool and bettering your experience using our software.

We wanted you to have more control and more features available and this is exactly what we´ve done!

New Integrations

  • Ruggedcom: RST 2228
  • Huawei: OSN1500
  • Dell: Server
  • Servers: Windows OS, Linux OS, Databases, Racks
  • CXR: QX3440, AMS16
  • Siemens: SIPROTEC 5
  • Actelis: ML530, ML58N, ML622, ML624, ML628, ML648, ML654, ML658, ML698, ML648D
  • DNWP: DynaWiz
  • ABB: XMC23
  • Cisco: Routers and switches

To check our complete multi-vendor compatibility list, please click here.

Additional information per general model and per specific NE

Additional information

In a NE Viewer we have created new feature called Attachments.

This feature allows you to load, store, edit and check files related to specific equipment or modules.

Each document uploaded has an additional menu that enables you to:

  • Open the selected file in a new window.
  • Download the file and save it in your PC.
  • Delete the file.
  • Open a properties submenu where additional information about the file will be displayed.

Device Integrator

Device Integrator enables you to create a template related to a new model of any equipment just in a few minutes.

To create a template 7 simple steps are required:

  • Properties settings
  • Model configuration
  • Structure definition
  • Alarm definition
  • Actions selection
  • Statistics settings
  • Security settings
  • Confirmation
Device Integrator

Integration with helpdesk ticketing

The feature allows you to create tickets for active alarms in Alarm Viewer.

To be able to do that, it is essential to configure user account properly and have assigned rights for ticket creation on a server. Furthermore, it is important to configure previously a ticket server in order to be able to create tickets and manage alarms.

LCT Manager

LCT Manager

Now you will be able to upload third-party’s software related to model and NE’s software. Furthermore, you can download each software and proceed to its installation in the client PC. We have extended our LCT repository, now offering you:

  • Advanced filters
  • Visualising manager’s information
  • Name, family, model, or manager’s version editing options
  • Download the stored manager into your PC

Vendor IP Setting Merge

Comparison of two different configurations now is available. The feature enables you to visualise their differences by highlighting them in different colours. The system enables you to edit and download documents.

‘.txt’ or ‘.cfg’ formats are supported.

Furthermore, the user can create a new configuration improving the management this way.

Vendor IP Setting Merge

Massive Multi-NE Script launch

Massive Multi-NE Script launch

Your effectiveness is our priority. We’ve improved our Script Launcher, enabling you to launch new script commands or actions to the equipment list selected.

To meet your needs, the system allows you to execute massive multi-NE script launches on multiple devices at the same time, manually or by using a programmed (scheduled) mode.

Regardless the mode you’ve selected (manual or scheduled), all the information about the processes executed are displayed and notified visually in real-time while working with Script Launcher.

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