Our project has been recognized and certified for its technological innovation

03 Nov 2021

The project called “Technological evolution of a telecommunication network management system” has been recognized and certified for its technological innovation by the Spanish Association for Standardization, hereinafter AENOR.

AENOR has described the project as a substantial technological advance in the platform’s capabilities, improving the processes, the product and its functionalities. 

Scope of the certification and about the project 

The project presented by CIC encompasses a set of activities carried out for the updating and technological improvement of SGRwin NMS. Its own developments have been presented to achieve the following objectives: 

  • Optimization of the operation and performance of the platform.
  • Improved system security.
  • Control and execution of tasks on different types of network.
  • Incorporation of new functionalities such as predictive maintenance, Big Data functions, UX improvements, among many others. 
  • Improvements in existing technical functionalities such as database management, topological maps and user experience, among others. 

Project duration 

The project began in January 2020 and is expected to end in December 2021. However, the certification has been focused on the actions carried out throughout 2020. 

Certification result 

The certifying body considers that the work carried out by CIC can be classified as Technological Innovation, since it involves technological advances and operational improvements with functionalities. It is not a mere incorporation of simple functions, since the complexity involved in the development of the project has been demonstrated. AENOR has highlighted our internal development methodologies, ability to create new tools and recognizes that it is not a simple update or parameterization. 

We are very proud and excited about the certification granted by AENOR and we will continue to work on the project with maximum motivation and commitment.

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