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Network migration

Your network becomes more complex whilst implementing new technologies. You have many routers and switches but still retain legacy assets. Your IT department is constantly complaining about IT compliance rules and network security. It is time to replace your legacy NMS by a modern SGRwin system. SGRwin also supports IP/ethernet devices providing advanced O&M functionalities such as firmware distribution, configuration backup and change management.

Usually customers have legacy NMS managing thousands of elements. Experts in those systems are difficult to find.
The CIC team has successfully migrated several networks of thousands of elements within the scope of the network migration service.

The CIC team has extensive experience bringing back to operation Dynanet Networks.

SGRwin discovers the Dynanet elements in the supervision buses and downloads their cross-connection tables. Using existing link inventory information, the network is re-built. The customer recovers the operation and management of the network while enjoying advanced functionalities, not available before.

System capabilities

SGRwin uses MySQL. MySQL is a free open-source database management system. It is very stable and has been widely deployed in companies worldwide.

SGRwin currently supports cold and warm stand-by. Hot stand-by will be implemented in future releases.

Yes, SGRwin can be installed in virtual servers.

SGRwin will support Ethernet and IP technologies natively and will implement advanced functionalities.
Users will be capable to perform basic integration for SNMP devices.

SGRwin monitors alarm status of telecommunications equipment, IT routers and switches, as well as, IoT devices.

SGRwin is easy to install. It usually takes less than one day to install the software and that can be done remotely via VPN. Also 'off the shelf' distribution in virtual machine (VM) is available. Network integration depends on the size of the network but can take from few days to couple of weeks.

SGRwin has embeded an advanced reporting tool that permits complex, multidimensional reports of the network inventory under SGRwin. Text and graphical reports with the possibility to export them in the most used formats.

Notifications by means of Alarms forwarding via e-mail is supported. User can select what alarms are to be forwarded, to what user, or user group.

The best way to keep updated is to contact the CIC team: the CIC team will be delighted to update you with the latest about SGRwin.

SGRwin will support multilingual language. Currently Spanish and English versions are supported.


If you want to get the most out of SGRwin you will need to attend our training. SGRwin is easy to use, once you know what is SGRwin capable of. Resellers and customer's O&M and Administrator teams are the target audience for the training.

Yes, you will earn an SGRwin certificate.

The training may be held at CIC's headquarter in Santander or in the Madrid office. Also, there is the possibility to carry out the training at the client's site.

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