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Network migration

I have NMS10 phased out System… What can I do?

Usually customers have legacy NMS managing thousands of elements. The people expert in those systems have usually retired and no many people dare to touch them.

CIC team has succesfully migrated several networks of thousands of elements within the scope of network migration service.

My legacy NMS10 broke downIs everything lost?

CIC team has large experience bringing back to operation Dynanet Networks.

SGRwin discovers the Dynanet elements in the supervision buses and downloads their cross connection tables. Using existing link inventory information, the network is re-built. Customer recovers the operation and management of the network while enjoys advanced functionalities not available before.

System Capabilities

What database does SGRwin use?

SGRwin uses MySQL . MySQL is a free open-source database management system.  It is very stable and it has been widely deployed in companies worldwide.

SGRwin data storage is so optimised that not event the greatest networks are close to the database máximum size of 4Gb.


What redundancy schemes are available?

SGRwin currently supports cold and warm stand-by. Hot stand-by will be implemented in future releases.


Can SGRwin be installed in virtual servers?

Yes, SGRwin can be installled in virtual servers.


Will SGRwin support my IP network?

SGRwin will support for Ethernet and IP technologies natively and will implement advanced functionalities.

User will be as well capable to perform basic integration for SNMP devices


How many nodes can you commission in SGRwin?

The current theoretical limit is up to 1 million

Current recommended limit is 30.000 nodes but we are working to increase the tested limit beyond 500.000 nodes.

System Architecture


NMS Architecture